With a Lead Principle of Living Well for all Australians impacted by CoHD throughout their lives, the CoHD Standards guide the best practice for quality care and sustainable services for consumers (patients, families and carers), healthcare providers and health service planners with regard to the structure and delivery of services now and in the future.

The CoHD Standards:

  • Hold patients and families at the centre and use a whole-of-life approach aimed at providing excellence in care and good health as targets, importantly embedding the requirements for supporting mental health and neurodevelopmental care
  • Recognise and address the challenges associated with access and equity to specialty services across regional and rural Australia, and facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other priority populations
  • Provide a framework for excellent and advise priorities for the development of clinical guidelines and determine workforce and infrastructure needs (Phase 2 and 3 of the CoHD Standards project)
The scope of the CoHD Standards:

The CoHD Standards address cardiac care, surgery, nursing, psychology and allied health support for metropolitan and regional/rural patients, families and carers, and recognise the unique needs of Australia’s priority populations. The CoHD Standards also include augmented elements of mental health and neurodevelopmental care. Importantly, the CoHD Standards recognise the critical role of research in providing new opportunities for care.

The CoHD Standards define the central tenants of practice in large hospital services, regional and remote clinics across the lifetime of patients, families and carers. Detailed paths defined in Phase 2 and 3 of the CoHD Standards project will include the progressive development of Clinical Guidelines and Workforce and Infrastructure plans.